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The Journal of Public Philosophy is the official publication of the Public Philosophy Society. Two issues of the Journal will be published per year, one to be published in the Summer, and one in the Winter. 

The goal of the Journal is to publish papers, essays, and book reviews in the mode of classical philosophy. We seek to know the basic truths that are foundational for the common good, and a just and civil society.

The goal of public philosophy is to make the practice of philosophy more accessible and more relevant to students, scholars, and the broadly educated public. We hope to inspire young and old alike in the shared, rational pursuit of wisdom and in love of Being, Unity, the True, the Good, and the Beautiful.

Public philosophy is inspired by Socrates’ engagement in dialogue in the agora, the shared public space of the city-state. It is the pursuit of the common good, our shared life together. Currently, we are a group of professors seeking to bring the discussions usually reserved for the classroom into a broader context. We hope that others will join us in an ever-broadening and deepening discussion. The arena for discussions has been college and university public lecture forums, book discussion groups, and campus clubs. We hope that others will expand the public context, perhaps meeting at coffee shops and houses of worship. We have expanded the discussion to an international group with the formation of the Public Philosophy Society.

Public Philosophy Society

The Public Philosophy Society is a professional society, offering membership to students ($12 year), scholars ($60 year), and educated members of the public ($120 year). For more information about joining the Society, visit our membership site:

Institutional subscriptions to the Journal of Public Philosophy are available for $200.00 year. Subscription payment should be made to:

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The Journal of Public Philosophy welcomes submissions for publication by scholars and practitioners of Public Philosophy who share this vision. Submissions may be sent to:

The Journal of Public Philosophy is published by Public Philosophy Press:

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